Quality Brands with Warranties

For your peace of mind, we only work with products and technology that have:

  • a proven track record (tested over 20 years in the business)
  • a warranty (The good news is, in the 10 years we’ve worked with our existing antenna range, we’ve never had a warranty claim.)


Before we leave, we’ll do full tuning and signal quality tests with our testing gear to make sure you’re getting the best performance from your installation.

Clean, Safe and Environmentally Friendly

No need to worry about cleaning up afterwards. We’ll leave your property neat and tidy, with no unsafe parts lying around. Plus, we do our best to look after the environment by responsible disposal of old parts.


We offer a range of antennas and can help you choose the most suitable one for your property.

When building a new home, some builders ask a hefty commission to include a TV antenna. With our specialist service, you have another option.

Need suitable hardware for TV reception across multiple residential units?
Installing solar panels? Sometimes, with building developments, the existing antenna gets in the way.
Radios are all built with an antenna to receive signal. In poor reception areas, the built-in antenna may be too weak. An FM antenna can boost your signal.
Not every antenna installation is straightforward. The distance between you and the nearest transmission tower could be a problem.


There are many reasons your antenna may not be providing quality reception.
Sometimes you get a pixelated TV picture because something on your antenna has broken. We help with this all the time.

Signal Distribution

You may want to add extra outlets for a few reasons

TV Setup and Wall Mounting

You’ve bought your brand new TV. Now, where to put it? The safest place is on the wall.
If you have a new TV or home theatre system, and you want someone to take care of it from start to finish so that you don’t have to stress about anything,

Insurance Claims & CCTV Security Cameras

When South East Queensland storms pass through, they can be unforgiving on your antenna, leaving a pixelated TV picture or no signal at all.
Protect what’s important to you by keeping watch.