Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why go Digital?
    Digital antennas receive a higher quality of signal compared to the older analogue antennas.


  • Does Analog still exist?
    No, TV in Brisbane and across Australia is digital throughout.


  • Do new antennas work with old TVS?
    Yes, digital antennas work with the older analogue TVs, as long as you have a digital receiver (set top box)


  • If I have multiple points will I have a weaker signal?
    Yes, each connection does reduce signal throughout the system but not greatly.


  • Why would I need an amplifier or booster & what is the difference?
    Amplifiers/boosters are the same and they are used to increase the signal received by the antenna. In some areas this may be required due to hills, trees, distance to towers or amount of points throughout the house.


  • What trouble shooting should I do at home for reception problems before calling you out?
    Are all your TVs having the same issue? If not, it could be a localised issue with a cable or wall plate. Try replacing the cable from the wall outlet, directly to the TV.


  • How do I know which antenna is best for me?
    We can help you decide on which antenna would best suit your home and needs.


  • Can my antenna be fixed instead of buying a new one?
    In most cases, faulty antennas are replaced not repaired.


  • What could be causing my reception issues?
    There are many things that can affect your TV reception from the antenna, the cabling, splitter, wall plate, amplifier, connections and even outside interference can all impact the TVs picture.


  • Which channels are free to air?
    ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten networks are all free to view, along with all their subsidiary channels like Gem, 7Mate, Go, 10Peach, SBS Viceland and so on.


  • How many TVs can 1 antenna support?
    1 antenna can service an entire high rise building, so with the correct set up, you can connect 1 antenna to supply the entire house.


  • What components are there in a typical antenna install?
    The main components of a typical system are antenna, mount, cable, splitter, wall plate & ampifier/booster in some locations.

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