There are all sorts of warranty periods bandied about when it come to antennas – anything from 12 months to up to 7 years! But the bottom line is the manufacturers’ warranty.

Check out a couple of well known Australian companies such as Matchmaster and you will find that these manufacturers have a lifetime warranty against defect in manufacture.

This is fairly standard with all manufacturers, and may apply either from the date of purchase or date of installation as stipulated.

In addition there are conditions applied to damage caused by incorrect handling and/or installation. Bare in mind also, that wind, hail, rain, bird and storm damage from trees or lightning, etc will not be covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.

Extended warranties offered by installation companies and/or installers for longer periods, and mostly without referencing the manufactures’ warranty, are offered to convince the purchaser that antenna A is a superior choice over antenna B or C.

Most reputable installation companies and installers will also warranty their work and any hardware or cable used would be covered by its manufacturer.

A claimed longer warranty period may be used to leverage a higher installation cost than would be the case if the true manufacturers’ warranty were stated.

As with most products, there are very cheap antennas through to quite expensive antennas, depending on country of origin, local manufacture and/or company certification.

Cheap does not necessarily equate to good, so it is unwise to buy on price alone.

So, ask the question. What is the manufacturers’ warranty?

If the warranty period claimed is in excess of the manufacturers’ warranty, what is covered during the extended period? This should be available in writing if requested.

For the record, Brisbane Antenna Specialists always quote the manufacturers warranty period and our work is also warranted for a 12 month period against defect.