TV Wall Mounting

Need a TV mounted?

You’ve bought your brand new TV. Now, where to put it?

The safest place, where children can’t pull it down on themselves and adults can’t knock it over, is on the wall. But don’t injure yourself or rip holes into the wall trying to mount your TV with the wrong brackets. It’s not as easy as it looks.

We’ve done it many times before, so it’s easy work for us. Your TV and wall (and family) will be protected because we’ll fit it securely. Depending on the size and weight of your TV and the type of wall it’s attaching to, we’ll help you choose the perfect wall mount for your home. Our most common fittings are:

  • Flat mount
  • Tilting mount
  • Articulated mount

Plus, we’ll make sure the cabling is neatly hidden so that it all looks professional.

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