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TV Antenna Choice and Do I Really Need to Change My AntenTV oldna?

Digital TV signal provides sharper pictures, clearer sound, a wider picture format and the ability for additional channels to be added. Digital TV does not suffer from ghosting and fuzzy pictures, as was the case with analogue signal.

It is not always necessary to have a new antenna to receive digital signals, but you do need to have an antenna system in good repair and modern enough to provide reliable digital reception.

If your system is unreliable, your viewing experience will be less than satisfactory. For instance, if the picture breaks up, stalls, and/or has sound problems such as pops and squeals, then you need to have this investigated and rectified to avoid continuing interruption and frustration.

TV antenna design has changed with the switch to digital-only VHF signal in Brisbane, and these newer designs mean they are ideal for most Brisbane suburbs. Some are quite tiny in comparison to some old VHF/UHF antennas.

LP or log period antennas are multi-element, directional, narrow beam antennas. They operate over a broad band of frequencies and the length and spacing of the elements increase logarithmically over the length of the antenna. For TV reception they are available in UHF only, VHF only and combination UHF + VHF.

In Brisbane, many VHF only versions are now being installed as the only remaining UHF channel is the 31 community TV channel, and this is planned to be removed at some point in the near future. Combination versions are still widely installed as well.

UHF only antennas are used in areas such as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Toowoomba.

There are, of course, many brands, models and qualities of TV antennas on the market, but rest assured, we only install reliable and top performing antennas such as the LP types below.

The Australian made Poltec antenna is a wire type, similar to the well known imported Fracarro brand, whilst the Delta is made in Taiwan for Alvin Electronics in Melbourne. These antennas are directly connected to the cable by a weather shielded ‘F’ connector, so problems caused by moisture in the connection are easily avoided.

LP345  LP652   DDA612LP