South East Queensland storm season can be treacherous and unforgiving, particularly when it comes to our TV signals.

Storms season spans from December – February and with the Summer of Cricket, your favourite reality TV shows and other events such as Christmas movies and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks, a damaged antenna and a fuzzy connection is a dampener on this festive season.

Brisbane Antenna Specialists are an Australian Insurance Builders Network (AIBN) member.

AIBN have over 30 national insurance providers on their books who actively utilise their network.

Insurance claims?

We can supply quotes for your insurance company.

Deal directly with your insurance provider, or send your details including your name, address, phone number, provider name and claim number (if you have it) to us by , or call our office on 07 3205 6022

Does your tv reception become so poor that you can not actually enjoy what you are watching? Gladly! We can help you solve this issue! We are not saying that we are the best but probably we can be what you needed. Talk to us today.

Once the claim is approved, we will be in touch to arrange a call out to restore your reception.

Services: TV antenna maintenance, Antenna replacement, re-mounting and re-cabling.

Our service van carries all the commonly used components to keep your TV system up and running.


Season Months Average Temperatures Humidity Rainfall
Summer December to February 20C to 30C
68F to 86F
Hot to Very Hot
Highest Highest
Autumn March to May 14C to 29C
57F to 84F
Warm to Hot Days
Medium Medium
Winter June to August 11C to 23C
52F to 73F
Warm Days Cooler Nights
Lowest Lowest
Spring September to November 14C to 28C
57F to 82F
Warm to Hot
Medium to High Medium