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New Antenna Installation Or Upgrade Old Installation

Some builders have a television antenna installed on their new homes while others leave this up to the new home owner. We are able to, as well as relocate existing antennas for solar installations. Either way, these installations are typically fairly straight forward, requiring a roof mount, antenna, cable, splitter and access into the ceiling space to complete the hook up to the internal cables run by the electrician.

In instances where a home hub is installed the antenna cable will be connected directly to the distribution hub. A digital meter is used to site the antenna for best signal reception and to test the outlet points in the home. If the signal strength is poor an amplifier may be used to boost the incoming signal to provide good pictures. Our installers will wherever possible, locate an antenna on a roof mount and to the rear of the home where it is less likely to be featured in the view from the street. Learn more about our free-to-air and digital antenna installation service.

Reception Problems And Damaged Antenna Replacement

An antenna may give poor results or cease working for a number of reasons. Plastics become brittle over time and may break in high winds or storms. Large birds can take their toll as well as nearby tree branches whipping about in the wind. Ingress of water and corrosion in the balun can be a problem, and the cable should be in good condition.

Older homes may have flat ribbon cable which is prone to breakage and this should be replaced with good quality coaxial cable. Where flat ribbon has been used in unit buildings it is generally not able to be replaced except by running new cable. Depending on the building, cables can be sometimes replaced internally, but where this is impossible they must be run externally on the building surfaces. The appearance of the building needs to be taken into account if this option is being considered. Digital only signal and changes in TV antenna design has resulted in antennas which are more efficient, lighter and smaller than most older TV antennas. This should mean not only better results in picture quality, but also a less noticeable addition to the building.

We can identify whatever causes poor reception problems and advise on the best option to improve your viewing experience.

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    Installation Is Just Part Of Our Antenna Service

    TV Wall Mounting

    Wanting to mount your TV on the wall, but don’t know how? We can professionally mount your TV to the wall – keeping it safe and secure. Professional & affordable TV mount installation to domestic and commercial properties is available across Brisbane.

    Extra Points

    We can install additional television, Foxtel & telephone points throughout your home and modern homes are generally well catered for with multiple TV outlet points. Older homes are often lacking in this area, and we can assist should you require more TV, Foxtel or telephone points installed.

    Signal Amplifiers

    Areas which receive poor digital television signal levels can benefit from the installation of signal amplifier (or booster) to increase their reception. There are mast head amplifiers for fixed positions and portable indoor amplifiers for temporary situations such as rented premises, camping and caravaning.


    Don’t miss out on the latest TV channels – upgrade to a new system so that you can receive all the channels without any pixelation in your future life. (We also install and upgrade MATV systems).


    Connecting & Tuning

    We can ensure all of your home entertainment is connected correctly, and will also tune your devices (TV, DVD, VCR etc). Our service techs can have you up and running in a short time so that you can sit back and enjoy your favourite show.

    Insurance Work

    In the case of an insurance claim we can either bill the home owner or the insurer directly quoting the insurance claim number. Just phone your insurer to gain approval and a claim number then e-mail or telephone us to arrange a day for repairs to take place.

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